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Grape Harvest 2011

In our territory, land of the Superior Prosecco, the harvest of 2011 has been excellent. Following on from an extremely hot spring, the summer provided evenings of rain.

The heat of summer continued with record temperatures, but the unique hilly landscape of our region provided the ideal habitat, in order for the vines to continue to flourish.

Continuing with tradition, and due to the steepness of our terrains, all of our grapes have been hand picked once again. Teams of local farmers and labourers, join together during this special time to work around the clock, making sure the grapes remain in perfect condition.

The quality of the wine is excellent; we expect the 2011 vintage to be well structured, with increased fruity flavours. The wines bouquet and freshness offering a classic representation of our Terroir. | Abonnieren Sie unseren Newsletter | Follador Prosecco Via Gravette, 42 31010 Col San Martino Treviso - Italy P.I. IT00533430260
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