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News from the Winery

Following ‘bud break’ and the ‘bloom of the vine’, the Follador Prosecco vineyard is entering the “SETTING” time Setting of the grapefor the grapes.

This is the initiation of flower ovary development. It is during this stage of development that the grapevines are pollinated and fertilised, resulting in the start of berry formation. As part of the process pollen fertilizes the ovary which produces seeds.

The stage of grape set follows flowering almost immediately, when the fertilized flower begins to transform into a grape berry to protect the seed.

This is a a critical yet exciting time in the Follador Prosecco vineyards as factors such as climate, weather and  the health of the vine all play an important part in the potential crop yield, yet is is fascinating to watch the growth of these little seeds into what will be our future Prosecco DOCG. We can’t wait to taste them! | Abonnieren Sie unseren Newsletter | Follador Prosecco Via Gravette, 42 31010 Col San Martino Treviso - Italy P.I. IT00533430260
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