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Follador launches unified packaging

Premium Prosecco producer, Follador, has redesigned its packaging to bring clarity and consistency to the brand on an international level.

Follador opened the doors to its UK office in September 2010, and with its greater focus on international sales, the need for brand consistency across all markets has become increasingly important. The new labels also reflect the recent changes in the law with Prosecco labelling, by listing the appellations immediately below the Follador crest. Follador only produces Prosecco in the Treviso D.O.C. and Valdobbiadene Superior D.O.C.G appellations, offering assurance to the consumer on the origins and quality of Follador wines. The new labels will be available internationally from April 2011, with a preview at ProWien, followed by the official release at the Italian trade show, VinItaly from 6th to 9th April.

The brief for the in-house marketing team was to engage the winery’s heritage and reflect the quality and sophistication of the wines. The goal was to achieve greater clarity in the labels, along with immediate visual recognition for the brand. The labels have been redesigned with a new shape that reflects the original Follador sparkling wine frontage; clarity has been enhanced by only giving four items of information on the front labels: brand, appellation, variety and, in some cases, the name; all the labels are categorised by a simple colour coding principle to create clear communication, educating the consumer as to the types of wines available and how they are all related; high quality materials have been used across the range, along with the textured family coat of arms. This completes a consistent and engaging visual expression that champions the heritage of Follador.

Cristina Follador, Follador Sales and Marketing Director, commented on the new labelling: “We took the initiative to review and ultimately change our labelling due to feedback from both our distributors and consumers alike. Having reached the threshold of 50/50 between our Italian and international sales, we felt it the opportune time to secure the communication of our brand for the future. The new labels represent our history, whilst communicating clear and visual messages of quality and sophistication”. | Abonnieren Sie unseren Newsletter | Follador Prosecco Via Gravette, 42 31010 Col San Martino Treviso - Italy P.I. IT00533430260
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