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Orient – Express ..

Follador is very proud to announce that as from this month the Prosecco Treviso D.O.C. Extra Dry will be the ‘pouring’ sparkling wine on the prestigious and world famous Venice Simplon – Orient – Express! images 20.03.34

The breathtaking Venice Simplon – Orient – Express train is the byword in travelling luxury. The original train started the legend in 1883, and since 1982 the current  train has been transporting travellers across Europe in exquisite surroundings.

Cristina Follador says: “We are very delighted and excited by this great listing and we feel sure the clients of the amazing Venice Simplon – Orient – Express will enjoy our premium prosecco in luxurious surroundings”.

“Sipping a glass of sparkling wine to start a journey into history across beautiful scenarios…. we needed a Prosecco made with pride and passion,.. we chose Follador”. Silvia Cerroni, Train manager, Venice Simplon – Orient – Express. | Abonnieren Sie unseren Newsletter | Follador Prosecco Via Gravette, 42 31010 Col San Martino Treviso - Italy P.I. IT00533430260
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